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company news about Car Air Suspension FAQs

China Hunan Mandao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
China Hunan Mandao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
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Very quickly received the goods, air suspension quality is very good, packaging is also more solid, sent to the garage for replacement, than I directly in the local auto parts shop to buy a lot of savings, satisfied!


Fantastic, quality you can trust. Bought for my Mercedes-Benz. Model M-CLASS (W166), perfect, I fitted it myself!

—— giorgi baidoshvili

get the things what i need , After the rear airbag for vin = WDD2193772A088419 I know the left airbag partnumber is A2113201325 Probably after left and right. fast delivery!

—— Austin Stirling

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Company News
Car Air Suspension FAQs
Latest company news about Car Air Suspension FAQs

Car Air Suspension FAQs:


  1. What is the role of a car suspension? The car suspension's primary function is to optimize tire-road friction, ensuring steering stability, excellent handling, and passenger comfort.
  2. Which components make up a car suspension? A car's suspension is part of the chassis, encompassing crucial systems beneath the body. This includes the frame (structural support for the engine and body), the suspension system (supports weight, absorbs shock, and maintains tire contact), the steering system (enables driver control), and the tires and wheels (facilitating vehicle motion through grip and friction with the road).
  3. How long do car suspensions typically last? Car suspensions usually require repairs or part replacements, such as shocks and struts, around the 50,000-mile mark.
  4. What are the common causes of car suspension problems? Suspension issues can arise from various factors, given the system's complexity. Typically, hard impacts and significant bumps, like potholes or road obstructions, can lead to suspension problems or damage.
  5. How can I identify if my suspension is damaged? Indicators of a damaged suspension include drifting, pulling during turns, a rough ride that amplifies road bumps, and a forward lurching motion when coming to a stop.
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